This is a NSFW blog dedicated to Rin Matsuoka dressed in maid outfits but I often post other nsfw Rin stuff as well.

There may be posts that are or can be considered shotacon or dubcon and I will tag them as such to help out people who blacklist such things. If there's a kink I'm not tagging properly that you don't wish to see please send me a message and I'll try to tag it for you!!


by YMD
pixiv ID: 38171770




Chibi maid Matsuoka Rin - Non-HP Related art.

STYLE FIVE member blog (x)

【腐】遙凛まとめ | あやしい肉屋 [pixiv]


More maids, I’m sorry, I can’t stop. Click for better view =w=


Pairing: Maid!Rin/Iwatobi-chan
By: swimmingharumaki

▽ | ✡絶✡許✡ [pixiv]

はるりんらくがき詰め | NIA [pixiv]